Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lollapalooza Week: Alabama Shakes at the Metro

Alabama Shakes is my new favorite band. There is no point in hiding it. I just love them. Their special fusion of '60s soul and garage rock is simply delicious. And I'm straight up obsessed with Brittany Howard's voice (it's as if Otis and Janis had a baby), not to mention her lyrics. I'm pretty sure we should be friends - just like I'm pretty sure I should be friends with Thom Yorke, Jim James, Lady Gaga, and all of the members of Wilco (this list could continue but I'll stop there). Anyway, as I was saying, they're my new favorite band so I was overjoyed when they announced they'd be playing a Lollapalooza Aftershow at the Metro the Wednesday before the festival. I was looking forward to seeing them at Lolla, but I decided it was necessary for me to see them twice in a week. As it turns out, I only got to see them once - and I'm one of the lucky ones who got to see them at all - because some bastard storm rolled into Chicago on Saturday shortly before their set at Lolla and it caused the entire festival to shut down. So here are a few photos from their show at the Metro (that I managed to take when I wasn't dancing) to kick off a series of posts on Lollapalooza week. 

Brittany Howard, my new BFF

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