Friday, January 24, 2014


DARKSIDE (a Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington side project) played the Metro last Friday as part of the Tomorrow Never Knows fest and blew my freaking mind in the process. To fully comprehend their sound (which is genre-defying), take 45 minutes and listen to "Psychic," DARKSIDE's brilliant 2013 release, in full (and if you're in need of some CliffsNotes, I found Ian Cohen's album review to be spot on). It's easily one of my favorite albums from last year and their show is currently holding first place in my ongoing list of favorite 2014 concerts. For more of my photos, head over to BV Chicago

 It was a cold, long wait to get in the door. It's okay though - it was worth it.

Nicolas Jaar. Genius. Maestro. Hottie.

Dave Harrington. Ridiculous talent. His guitar solos slay me.

This is what's known as bitchy resting face.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tomorrow Never Knows Recap

Chicago's favorite annual winter music fest, Tomorrow Never Knows, just wrapped up this past Sunday. I went to a few of the many shows around town and I thought I'd share some of the photos with you. More can be viewed over at TNK's tumblr here. Stay tuned for another TNK post devoted to DARKSIDE's epic performance at the Metro.

I'll kick off the photos with Mutual Benefit, who played Lincoln Hall on Friday, because they released one of my favorite albums of 2013 ("Love's Crushing Diamond"). It's been on constant repeat on my record player this winter. They're up-and-coming. Check them out.

Thursday night Tim Hecker and Oneohtrix Point Never put everyone in an ambient trance at Lincoln Hall. I might not be cool enough to really get their whole aesthetic.

This is my lone shot of Tim Hecker. He wanted to play in the pitch black (my camera somehow managed to capture this - there's actually more light in this photo than there was at the show). While I'd have no problem sitting in the dark at home listening to any of his masterful albums, I found his live vibe to be pretentious. People pay to see musicians, not just listen to and feel their music.

Oneohtrix Point Never closed out the night with his drone electronic sounds while abstract images flashed across a screen hanging above him.

 Saturday I headed over to The Hideout for some comedy. Natasha Leggero gave me and the rest of the packed house a lot of laughs.

I never need an excuse to go to The Hideout. 

See you next year, TNK!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Photo Shoot with The Linden Method

Last week I had an entertaining photo shoot with The Linden Method. This Chicago-based pop punk band is coming out with a new EP ("Falling Short") next month. Go check out one of their shows before they take off for their UK tour this summer. They're funny and talented dudes. Allow me to introduce you to them:

Alex: vocals/guitar

Jake: drums 

Cody: guitar/backing vocals 

Robby: bass 

They love each other. 

They play music together, watch TV together, drink beers together and occasionally vacuum.

And they're super tough. 

Especially outdoors in winter. 

Yeah, they had to warm up after the outdoor shots. 

But things went back to normal pretty quickly. 

Thanks for a fun shoot guys!