Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lollapalooza: Sunday

It was a perfect day on the Sunday of Lollapalooza: the sun was out, there was a nice breeze in the air, and most of the mud from Saturday's torrential downpour had dried. I enjoyed a few bands and then decided to do something that I've never done at Lolla before: I opted to go home early. It was not without much contemplation, but in the end, the thought of rest and relaxation trumped my desire to see more bands (and the ones I wanted to see but missed - I'm talking to you, Jack White - I'll surely see down the road). What can I say? When a girl needs her beauty rest, she needs her beauty rest! (Didn't see my Friday and Saturday Lolla posts? Click on the days to check them out!) Until next year, Lolla...

I arrived in time to catch the end of electronic duo, Nadastrom's, set.

Diet Coke commercial?

Little Dragon was one of the bands I was most excited to see and they were thoroughly enjoyable.

Little Dragon crowd at Perry's stage 

There are always interesting fashion statements at Lolla. Check out the PBR can rollers in her hair. 

Cool new artsy addition this year? A graffiti area by Perry's stage. I'm a fan. 

Most of the mud had dried from Saturday, but there were definitely parts of the ground to avoid. 

 Sigur Rós was my primary reason for attending Lolla this year. The Icelandic band writes stunningly gorgeous, so-beautiful-it-makes-you-cry kinda songs. I've been weeping myself to sleep listening to them since college, and it was a real treat to finally see them live.

Toro y Moi busting out his chillwave tunes.

 Florence and the Machine was a main Sunday attraction for Lolla-goers. It was hard to see Flo - primarily because there were hundreds of chicks sitting on their boyfriend's shoulders screaming lyrics - but she sounded good.

See ya next year, Lolla!

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