Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lollapalooza Week: Boyd Tinsley and the Kopecky Family Band

The Thursday before Lollapalooza, I was asked to photograph an aftershow featuring Dave Matthews Band's Boyd Tinsley and the Kopecky Family Band for Rockit Bar and Grill. I was fifteen when I saw Boyd live (with DMB) for the first time and his musical talents and magnetic stage presence were instantly apparent. Needless to say, all these years later it was pretty cool to photograph him not just performing, but premiering his first film, "Faces in the Mirror." Nashville's Kopecky Family Band also played some songs for the crowd and I discovered that I dig their sound. Check them out, people!

Boyd took time to say hi, give autographs, and pose for photos with of many of his fans as possible before entering the venue. There was a line of people waiting to see him that stretched for blocks and some had been waiting all day. I thought is was really cool of Boyd to take time to say hi and let his fans show him their DMB tattoos and memorabilia. 

 T-shirt designer and co-founder of Sportiqe, Jason Franklin, Boyd Tinsley, CEO and Founder of Rockit Ranch ProductionsBilly Dec, actor and lead in "Faces in the Mirror," Ryan Orr

Boyd discussing his creative process for "Faces in the Mirror" 

After viewing a few clips from the film, Boyd introduced the Kopecky Family Band. They played a few of their excellent tunes before Boyd returned to the stage to join them.  

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  1. That is my tattoo! The second photo! I remember you from the awesome. Love your work, you captured the night well! :)