Friday, August 24, 2012

Lollapalooza: Saturday

Day two of Lollapalooza this year proved to be a muddy one. Of course, it didn't start out that way. When I arrived it was hot - so hot, in fact, that Delta Spirit's Matthew Vasquez was dumping buckets of water on the crowd. But minutes after they finished their set, I noticed Lolla stage crew technicians breaking down the stage. I asked a security guard what the deal was and he informed me that the entire festival was shutting down because of a severe thunderstorm warning. Thanks to that security guard, I was out the gates and in a cab headed home before Lolla officially announced the evacuation. I've weathered my fair share of storms in past years at Lolla, but that was the first evacuation in the fest's history. Fortunately, the storm passed fairly quickly and despite having to cancel a few acts, Lolla reopened the gates a couple hours later.

Delta Spirit put on a good show before the crowd was evacuated.

Fans began filing out as word of a storm evacuation spread. 

Hours later, the fans returned to MUD. Lots of it. 

tUnE-yArDs was my first stop upon returning to Grant Park. Merrill Garbus and company quickly got the crowd fired up and back into the festival spirit.

The Weeknd brought his R & B goodness to the Red Bull Soundstage and got everyone grooving.

Remind me to get myself one of these fabulous suits for next year.

puddles and mud, puddles and mud 

After The Weeknd got everyone grooving, Bloc Party took over and got the crowd rocking.

Nothing like sitting on someone's shoulders and pounding a beer. 

a sea of people 

 Despite getting a late start because of some technical difficulties, Twin Shadow's mix of '80s and new wave got me dancing.

Frank Ocean was one of my Saturday highlights. This kid can sing. 

Santigold was my other Saturday highlight. I'll definitely be seeing her live again in the future.

Santigold had a massive crowd at Perry's stage. 

I was able to catch the end of Red Hot Chili Peppers' set. I haven't seen them since I was 15, but they're still awesome live. I've got nothing but love for these dudes.

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