Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Winter has hit much of the country hard recently, as you likely already know. Here in Chicago, we've been proudly bragging about how tough we all are for surviving the "polar vortex" conditions. ChiBeria, as the city has been dubbed over the last couple days (we love our storm nicknames), has shut down schools, offices, and stores and kept many indoors for obvious reasons (the windchill has been as low as -50 degrees). I mean, it's been straight arctic up in here. However, this did not stop my dumb ass from prancing around town in long underwear to get a few photos of the city under snow and ice. Fortunately I was able to justify my decisions when yesterday the Chicago Tribune posted one of my Instagram photos on their blog. Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking through my photos because I certainly enjoyed the adventure of capturing them.

Steam rising off Lake Michigan at Foster Avenue Beach. 

Ice formations on my car windows

I thought I was hardcore for bearing the cold until I saw these bikers at Montrose Harbor. 

Skyline view from Museum Campus 

Icy North Avenue Beach 

Check out those icicles! 

In certain areas, the ice has formed into little pebbles. 

Frozen solid.


  1. Glad you survived, it was worth it. These are some of my favorites you have ever done!

  2. Wow. You are brave, and these are amazing.