Friday, January 24, 2014


DARKSIDE (a Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington side project) played the Metro last Friday as part of the Tomorrow Never Knows fest and blew my freaking mind in the process. To fully comprehend their sound (which is genre-defying), take 45 minutes and listen to "Psychic," DARKSIDE's brilliant 2013 release, in full (and if you're in need of some CliffsNotes, I found Ian Cohen's album review to be spot on). It's easily one of my favorite albums from last year and their show is currently holding first place in my ongoing list of favorite 2014 concerts. For more of my photos, head over to BV Chicago

 It was a cold, long wait to get in the door. It's okay though - it was worth it.

Nicolas Jaar. Genius. Maestro. Hottie.

Dave Harrington. Ridiculous talent. His guitar solos slay me.

This is what's known as bitchy resting face.

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