Thursday, November 1, 2012

Flying Lotus, Teebs, and Jeremiah Jae at the Metro

I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to photograph the Flying Lotus, Teebs, and Jeremiah Jae show at the Metro on October 16th. It was crazy awesome. Openers Teebs and Jeremiah Jae impressed - Teebs with his low-fi, head-bobbing beats and Jeremiah Jae with his freestyle flow - and Flying Lotus put on my favorite show yet (I've seen him twice before). His energy was contagious all night and the crowd was into it (myself included). Aside from the music, FlyLo's visuals were out of this world. You can check out all of my photos here.


Jeremiah Jae

Flying Lotus

See what I mean about the visuals?! Rad.

Taking a big ol' rip off a bottle of Jameson

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