Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Father John Misty and La Sera

Father John Misty and La Sera put on a great show at Lincoln Hall the night before Halloween. There were some pretty awesome costumes in the audience, notably eggs and bacon, Ron Burgundy, and LOTS of lumberjacks (but in retrospect the lumberjacks were likely just that gaggle of bearded, flanneled men that are at every indie rock show). Anyway, La Sera - Katy Goodman's relatively new solo act (you might know her from Vivian Girls) - was all pop punk pleasantries. Her good vibes on stage worked their way through the happy, energized audience. Next up was Father John Misty, J. Tillman's (formerly of Fleet Foxes) solo project. Charisma is the first word that comes to mind when describing J. Tillman and his band; they definitely have a lot of it. And Tillman's hip shaking alone is worth the ticket - the dude has got some serious stage presence! I hope you enjoy the photos - for more, click here.

La Sera

Father John Misty

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