Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dan Deacon, Height With Friends, and Chester Endersby Gwazda

In the 350+ live acts that I've seen in my lifetime so far, there is not one comparable to Dan Deacon. You never really know what you're going to get when you go see him, except that it will likely be an interactive, fun, trippy, weird, unique circus of a good time. He rolled into Lincoln Hall in his touring school bus that runs on corn oil with his Baltimore buddies, Height With Friends and Chester Endersby Gwazda, who kicked off the night. From there, Dan took over, ordering the crowd around like puppets (and they were happy, joyful puppets) and playing some tracks off of his latest album, America, along with a few favorites from his excellent 2009 album, Bromst. The energy of his shows is contagious. Moreover, Dan is able to create experiences that evoke emotions and provoke thought from his audience so that his art becomes shared art. Don't miss him next time his tour takes him to your neighborhood. For more of my images of the night, please click here.

Height With Friends has been around for awhile and Height has a Beastie Boys, Bloodhound Gang, and even Cake sort of vibe. Rap with soul, but also rap that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Dan Deacon hit the stage and didn't waste any time getting the crowd involved... 

First he made them point at things. 

Then Dan organized a dance circle and audience members busted out their best moves.

This is Chester Endersby Gwazda. He played a solo set before Heights With Friends and later played guitar and keyboards for Dan Deacon.  

After the dance circle, Dan had the audience create a human tunnel that spanned outside onto Lincoln Avenue. 

Some of his trippy background images included Obama and Romney faces. 

And the interpretive dancing continued... 

Woody Harrelson made an appearance... 

And later in the show I hit the stage to capture Dan's very own smartphone app in action.

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