Monday, October 20, 2014

Riot Fest, Friday

Riot Fest celebrated it's 10th anniversary with a BANG here in Chicago's Humboldt Park mid-September. The lineup was completely stacked and ten bands played their seminal albums in full. Overall I found the festival to be poorly run and the setup to be confusing and difficult to navigate, but the bands made up for the other hiccups (and I might add that the sound was the best quality I've ever heard at a music festival, so props to them for that). Friday it poured rain, which made for some cool photos (as you'll see below) and some seriously muddy clothes. For more of my Friday photos, head over to The Vinyl District.

The amazing Gogol Bordello. They're incredible live.

The Offspring played Smash in full and man did it bring be back. Awesome set. They didn't allow photography but I managed to snag a few photos from afar.

Jane's Addiction closed out night one by playing Nothing's Shocking in full. It was a great ending to a rather wet and unorganized day.

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