Monday, April 2, 2012

The Black Keys

As I explained in my Fiona Apple post, I was planning on attending The Black Keys show at the United Center when I got a call from my friend saying she had a ticket to see Fiona Apple at an intimate venue. The thought of missing either show was not appealing, so I opted to figure out a way to attend both. And I did...and it was awesome. 

Now, there will always be a special place in my heart for my Akron boys because, well, they're from Ohio. And while not everyone who grows up in Ohio rocks, The Black Keys certainly do. Their no-frills, straight-up blues rock has catapulted them into stardom - and for good reason. While I would have preferred to see them at a smaller venue, they still managed to dominate the massive United Center, with Patrick Carney pounding away on the drums and Dan Auerbach belting out vocals and jamming all over the stage in his Kent State shirt. The new addition of their touring members, a keyboardist and a bassist, helped to fill out the sound. Party on, fellas.

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