Friday, March 30, 2012

Fiona Apple

Last week, Fiona Apple played two intimate shows at Lincoln Hall. On the day of the first show, I came to terms with the fact that I just wasn't going to be able to see her - the tickets has sold out in seconds months ago and I wasn't one of the lucky ones. I was hoping that a ticket might magically appear, but figured it was highly unlikely. On the second day of her show, I tried to put Fiona out of my mind because I received great last minute seats to The Black Keys concert at the United Center. And then a phone call came from my friend, Nancy: "If you can be here in 30 I've got a Fiona ticket for you." I thought for a moment and then hauled ass out the door, determined to make it to both shows. And I did! (Photos of The Black Keys show will be my next post.) 

But back to Fiona: I wasn't sure what to expect, given her lengthy departure from the limelight, but she was as incredible as ever. Even though she was under the weather (to the point where she had to cancel her show the next night in D.C.) she belted out classics from all three of her albums and treated the crowd to a few new tunes from her upcoming release. Like Tori Amos, she seems almost possessed by her music - and that intensity is quite a beautiful thing to witness. I am forever grateful to Nancy for giving me the opportunity to see Fiona live, after all of these years, in such a special setting.

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  1. I am more jealous than you can imagine! I saw Tori at a small hall in Memphis back in '95 (give or take - those years are a bit of a blur...), but I never had an opportunity to see Fiona. :-( I'm crossing my fingers and hoping to catch her in Nashville (even though I live in FL these days - the price of gasoline be damned!!!).