Monday, March 10, 2014

Belize, Part III (Blancaneaux Lodge)

Photos from my incredible honeymoon in Belize continue with a change in scenery. We left our little seaside cottage at Turtle Inn and headed into the Maya Mountains to stay at another impeccable Coppola Resort, Blancaneaux Lodge. Nestled right in the heart of Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve (Belize's oldest national park), Blancaneaux is a remote rainforest paradise. This post gives you a taste of what it's like to stay at Blancaneaux - the next and final Belize post will detail some of our mountain adventures. (To see photos from the first half of our trip in Placencia, click here and here.)

On our drive to Blancaneaux, we stopped at the Maya Center Womens Group Gift Shop to get some handmade souvenirs for our families. We met these little cuties while there. 

Check out our beautiful mountain cottage at Blancaneaux! WOW. 

Equipped with towel swans and flower petals! 

The right side of the porch. Unreal.

The left side of the porch.

Even the bathroom was beautiful. 

The outdoor shower. (Side note: showering outside underneath a blanket of stars is basically the greatest thing ever. If Chicago wasn't freezing 9 months out of the year I would build an outdoor shower on our balcony.)

We even had our own little private pool and deck! WHAT?! AMAZING.

B - A - N - A - N - A - S 

Blancaneaux Lodge entrance

The Blancaneaux property is breathtaking.

 A river runs through it.

The hot tub, right by the river. I spent a lot of time here. 

Dense, gorgeous layers of green everywhere. There was so much to look at. 

Blancaneaux's very own organic farm. Once again, incredibly fresh and delicious food, which we quickly came to realize was a Coppola Resort standard. 

Every day between 4:30 and 6pm I would lay in the hammock on the porch and relax. I'd watch the changing of light and shadows as the sun set and listen to birds chirping. Heaven.

I made a little friend too - Mr. Hummingbird. He joined me every day for my relaxing hammock time. Communing with nature to this extent was truly magical.

 This is the Jaguar Bar, the lone bar at the Lodge. We enjoyed having a nightcap here - and we really loved the reflections the lighting made on the screens.

You could see every star in the sky. My God I miss Belize.

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