Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Belize, Part II (Placencia and Monkey River)

More from beautiful Belize! This post features lots of photos of foliage and animals taken on a tour of the Monkey River and during a romantic sunset cruise on the Placencia Lagoon. My upcoming Belize posts detail the second part of our honeymoon, when we traveled from the sandy sea beaches of Placencia to the rugged Maya Mountains rainforest. We certainly got the best of both worlds! Stay tuned.

 Let the Monkey River tour begin!

Our first sighting - an iguana, or a "bamboo chicken," as the locals refer to them.

Hey bird. 

Weaver bird nests  

Along the way we lunched in the tiny town of Monkey River Village.

What a cutie. 

 Back on the river we saw crocodile dundee!

Later we hopped off the boat for a brief hike through the jungle. To enjoy musical accompaniment for the following photos, click here.

It's a howler monkey! These little guys are LOUD.

Quite possibly the most stunning butterfly I've ever seen. Rightfully named the Owl Butterfly.


 And finally, a manatee sighting was the perfect ending to a wonderful day.

A couple days after our Monkey River adventures, we returned to Turtle Inn's dock to pick up our boat for a sunset cruise on the Placencia Lagoon.

Our boat captain (Eddie) handcrafted his entire boat from scratch and used 7 types of wood, all native to Belize, to do so. The workmanship was impressive.

Some local homes along the lagoon... 

Hokey Pokey Water Taxi

The highlight of the cruise came when a Mom and baby dolphin decided to hang out with us for a bit. They raced the boat and did twirls and basically made my wife and I clap and squeal with glee like a bunch of toddlers. It was truly special.

Thank you, Placencia, for EVERYTHING!


  1. Hello, Brigid. What a wonderful blog about your trip to Monkey River. I am the Marketing Manager of Chabil Mar Resort in Placencia. The Monkey River tour is among our top tours that our guests take and they love it.

    I am wondering if you would mind if we used this blog as a reference on our own Chabil Mar blog. Also, how would you feel about me using some of your photos on our social media posts. Of course, they are watermarked beautifully so full photographer credit would rightfully be provided.

    Thank you for sharing your comments with me.

    1. Absolutely! Please email me at brigid.a.gallagher@gmail.com. Thanks!