Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monster Jam

Note: When you are offered a free ticket in a suite to a ridiculous event such as the Monster Jam, I suggest that you throw on your Van Halen t-shirt, grab a case of Miller High Life, rent a limo with your friends, and GO. When else would such an opportunity present itself? It's not as if you're going to willingly purchase tickets to a monster truck rally, but if you're given a chance to discover a previously unknown world comprised of fumes, screeching engines, mullets, leather, tattoos, and mohawks, why not enter it? Sure, you'll probably get nauseous from the fumes, an eardrum might bust from the obnoxiously loud roaring of the engines, and you'll likely daydream of reporting all parents to Child Protective Services, but hell - when in Rome, right? Rock on, Monster Jammers.

What every child wants: a rainbow snow cone in a terrifying mug.

The intermission "light show."

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