Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Los Angeles and Santa Barbara

Mid-March I flew to Los Angeles to visit a bunch of friends who at one point or another decided to permanently trade in their Midwestern winter coats for SoCal board shorts and sandals. Despite the fact that selfish LA has stolen them from me, I still enjoy my visits to that sprawling, urban jungle. Except for the time that I woke up to an earthquake (a.k.a. the Shamrock Shake of 2014). That was, like, totally uncool LA. Anyway, my friends took me on a bunch of fantastic adventures while I was there because they're the best: I wandered around gorgeous Manhattan Beach; I laughed at a bunch of excellent comedians at Bar Lubitsch; I cruised around different neighborhoods in a convertible; I enjoyed my very first Korean barbecue experience; I wined and dined in Santa Barbara for a night; I went to Sur and resisted the temptation to punch the idiots from "Vanderpump Rules" in their necks; I saw Jupiter through the most massive telescope ever at the Griffith Observatory; and I screamed "What's yo dream?!" every, single time I caught a glimpse of the Hollywood sign. In short, I'm basically sooooo LA now. Enjoy the photos.

 Manhattan Beach

Incredibly huge, incredibly expensive Manhattan Beach homes. 

Manhattan Beach Pier 

Truly a beautiful area... 

I love dive bar art.

Cruisin' down Sunset Blvd 


 West Hollywood

View of downtown LA from the beautiful Griffith Observatory 

What's yo dream?! (See, I'm still saying it.)

 A fine establishment.

View from the hotel room in Santa Barbara 

A convenient map of downtown Santa Barbara 

Municipal Winemakers' awesome tasting room 

Wining AND beering! 

Charming downtown Santa Barbara 

 Art Walk

After all the wining and beering, we felt it necessary to cleanse ourselves at the Old Mission.

Thanks, Cali! See you next time.

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