Friday, May 31, 2013

Laura Marling and Liam Hayes

England's Laura Marling wowed the awestruck crowd at her show last week at the Athenaeum Theatre. Under a white spotlight, and armed with an acoustic guitar and a stunning voice, Laura proved (to me at least) that she is one of the best - if not the best - indie folk female around right now. I'm not the only person who's referred to her more than once as the "Joni Mitchell of our generation." Her songs have depth, artistry, and ingenuity. They are grounded, sincere, and just plain beautiful. Chicago's own Liam Hayes opened the night. For more of my photos, check out the Schubas/Lincoln Hall Tumblr here.

Liam Hayes 

Laura Marling 

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  1. Good lord, your Laura pictures are fabulous. I was at that show too. She's brilliant, just absolutely brilliant. No words. But yes. Your photos. I'm in love. Thanks for sharing them with us.