Friday, April 15, 2011

Travel Log 2011 Interlude: The Snowpocalypse

I returned from Vegas, where I was wandering around in the sun wearing a t-shirt, just in time for the Snowpocalypse to hit Chicago. Fortunately, my friends are fun and we decided that the third worst snowstorm in Chicago history was a good reason to have a slumber party. 

So, while these poor guys worked through the night trying to clear the roads, and while hundreds of people were stuck in their cars for over 12 hours (and eventually had to abandon them) on Lake Shore Drive, we...

...drank mimosas and kept warm thanks to scotch and homemade chicken noodle soup. 

Here is visual proof that Thundersnow does, in fact, exist. Imagine, if you will, a booming crack of thunder sounding just as the above left image was taken, followed shortly by Lighteningsnow, as captured in the image to the right. Yes, it was totally bad ass.

After the Thundersnow had passed, and after a sufficient amount of soup and scotch was consumed, we decided that we couldn't miss the opportunity to head outside.

Robyn successfully climbed a Snowmountain, while Linus learned about winter in Chicago the hard way. 

The Chicago River during Snowmageddon...

...and the Chicago River the morning after.

Last I checked, this bike was still covered in snow and frozen to the street. Okay, I might be exaggerating - but only a little bit.


So long, winter.

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