Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back on the Blog Wagon

Well, it's been ages since I posted anything and I decided it was time to hop back on the band blog wagon. My apologies for my absence from world of the wide web, but I've had some planned and unplanned interruptions over the past few months. In other words, I've been doing a lot of traveling. I have plenty of new photos to share and plenty of topics to discuss, but for this post, I've decided to dazzle you all with my phone camera skills. I jest (infinitely). Those of you who know me personally know that I could spend all of my time and money in book and record stores. I happened to find my self in one a couple weeks ago and, in between finding a $4 copy of Hermione Lee's all-encompassing biography on Virginia Woolf (score!) and a $3.50 copy of Laurence Sterne's masterpiece, Tristram Shandy (double score!), I uncovered an abundance of gloriously hideous album covers (triple score!). Unable to maintain my composure, I whipped out my camera phone and began obtaining digital proof of some of my favorite disasterpieces (n. /di-zas-tər-pēs-es/: the opposite of a masterpiece). I dedicate this blog to them, so without further ado, I give you:

I'm actually regretting not purchasing this one now that I look at it again.

And this one.

As if the Osmonds aren't creepy enough...

Super gay. 

There are actually 72 members of this band. Not all could fit on the cover but they are all out of this world.

Classic Jesus Loggins.

Nothing says JAZZ like some baby seal pups and a rainbow.

Shaun Cassidy: originator of Spirit Fingers

"Save a horse, ride a...microphone cord?"

That looks like one hell of a college concert.


  1. Glad yr blogging Brig. And to make us laugh, no less... whereas the blogs I've been conjuring up of late make me question whether I'd be better off just seeking therapy. Haha. Alas keep it up... And quit denying it: we all know the best album cover ever was the American flag backdropped Suep Back to the Kitchen Tour cover. -sue

  2. It's less like spirit fingers and more like an imprisoned mime on a meth bend, no?
    SO GLAD you're blogging again, too, Brig.
    Though I know the traveling and concert-going and photography have been kick-ass, I hope!